Hi. We're Ron and Stephanie and we've decided to hit the road and live in a van, for a couple of years anyway.

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The Plan

We've given away the majority of our possessions and have an apartment for a few months.

The plan to get a Mercedes Sprinter isn't going as planned. While they advertise them and have them on dealer lots (without radios, swivel seats...) we're not sure when we'll ever have a date as to when our build request will be accepted/processed.

If anyone has any way of helping us (has a fleet number or knows someone) to get one with our spec's we'd more than appreciate it!

So now we're figuring out plan B. Here are the options as we see them in the order we prefer:

    1. Buy a used class B RV and keep our build request with Mercedes to see what comes of it. We see plenty for sale along side the road on our travels.
    2. Use the company car and stay at hotels as we do now, but we'll have to cover lodging on the weekends. I haven't figured out an economical way to do this, getting an apartment would be cheaper.
    3. Converting a used box truck would be fun but cut out any stealth camping. I think Chester cheetah on the side of our house would be cool, guessing Stephanie disagrees.
    4. Buying a Sprinter off the lot seems expensive to not get exactly what we want.
    5. Buy a used Sprinter. They hold their price really well and the reliability isn't extremely high so we'd rather get a new one.
    6. Buy a different brand of van. The Sprinter is closest to the height and length that we're after and don't have many of the options we're after.
    7. Get an apartment somewhere we prefer more and that works with Stephanie needing to fly for work.
    8. I'll move to Puerto Rico while Stephanie continues to work and find somewhere for us to live and work and let Stephanie try to mooch off of others.
    9. Extend our apartment stay in Omaha.

Why are we doing this?

I think this video from FarOutRide says it better than I can, but without snow!